The FESE database is the most complete source of Statistics from European Securities Exchanges. Every month, FESE member exchanges supply data on Equity, Bonds and Derivatives. This data is structured in tables from 1 to 16 which provide an invaluable source of international comparison for European Securities trading.

Tables cover the following:

1: Indices

2: Market Capitalisation

3: Listed Companies / Investment Flows

4: Equity Trading 

5: 5 Most Traded Shares

6: Specialised Markets

7: Securitised Derivatives

8: ETFs


10, 11: Bond Trading

12: Exchange Rates

13,14,15: Derivatives Trading

16: Trading participants  

FESE Economics and Statistics Committee has developed a high level methodology that ensures the quality and comparability of data: FESE Statistics Methodology.

To access the FESE Statistics Database which follows the FESE Statistics methodology click on:

Checkout the statistics website of individual FESE members.