The FESE IPO Database includes detailed information on individual IPOs for all FESE members. Figures on other new listings can be found in table 3 of the monthy statistics (here). 
The data is collected on a monthly basis. To download the report, click on the following links:

List of IPOs Year 2018 (updated with October figures)

List of IPOs Year 2017

List of IPOs Year 2016 

List of IPOs Year 2015 

List of IPOs Year 2014

List of IPOs Year 2013

IPOs statistics have been collected based on the following definition:

  1. The company must be listed for the first time
  2. The prospectus, approved by a regulatory authority, or a document required by the rules of a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) for shares to become listed on the MTF, must be available.
  3. Shares must be offered to the public.
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