The European Capital Markets Fact Sheet, based on FESE's monthly statistics, highlights the main developments in the European capital markets in a simple to read format - to view click here 

This edition focuses on derivatives trading (options and futures) and provides a comparison between Q1 2018/Q4 2017 (Quarter-to-Quarter), as well as Q1 2018/Q1 2017 (Year-to-Year).

The fact sheet is produced on a quarterly basis - look out for the next edition in July 2018. 


Previous editions

Complimentary documents: 

1. Methodological note to the “FESE European Capital Market Fact Sheet” - click here.
2. FESE Statistics Methodology - click here
3. Change log: this changelog provides a record of all changes to FESE Statistics & Research starting from 1 January 2014, as well as a record of FESE Membership. click here.