FESE members have been working together to create a common vision on how European capital markets can finance Europe’s future growth and development. More enterprise financing through capital markets will help Europe achieve higher levels of innovation, risk management, savings mobilisation, wealth distribution and job creation.

A fundamental re-orientation of Europe’s policies is needed towards:

  • Investing in economic growth
  • Serving investors
  • Serving companies
  • Positioning Europe in the world and;
  • Improving safety

To achieve the objectives of the Single Market and “Europe 2020”, the EU's growth strategy for the current decade, an overarching mindset is important. This is why we propose a high level macro goal: by 2020, stock market capitalisation should account for 100% of GDP.

In our enclosed paper, we analyse the problems and decipher what action is needed from both the industry and policy experts to secure a robust economic landscape for the future. By implementing our recommendations the goal of reducing frictional costs between issuers and investor will make financing cheaper and returns higher. This will ensure that more capital is channeled into SMEs and the ecosystem that supports them.

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