A first assessment of the impact of MiFID on competition in the European equity marketsThis article by Judith Hardt examines the impact of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) on European equity markets. It notes that competition has decreased costs and stimulated innovation; however this has been achieved at the cost of increased fragmentation and an uneven level-playing field. 20/08/2010

Quand les banques contournent les règles40% des transactions s’effectuent désormais de gré à gré en Europe. Au grand dam de la directive MiFID et des Bourses20/08/2010

Europe's public regulated markets see rampant rise of OTC equities trading as a threat to price formationInterview of Judith Hardt for Global Investment Technology20/08/2010

Recovering from the crisis – the role of the exchangesArticle by Judith Hardt for Euromoney - After a tumultuous 2009 as a result of the credit crisis, we expect 2010 to be an exciting and interesting year in terms of constructive policy and industry initiatives to make our markets safer.20/08/2010