Quelle application pour le code de bonne conduite?Interview with Judith Hardt, Secretary General. Published by Revue Banque, December 200621/12/2006

The Code of Conduct on Clearing & SettlementPresentation by Judith Hardt, Secretary General at 'The EU Commission’s New Regime for Clearing and Settlement in Europe' Organised by City & Financial in association with the International Capital Markets Association. 29 November 200630/11/2006

Speech delivered by Massimo Capuano, President of FESE on the occasion of the signature of the European Code of Conduct on Clearing and Settlement.07/11/2006

Implications of MiFID For ExchangesPresentation by Burçak Inel, Head of Regulatory Affairs at BBA’s European Securities Forum - London, 12 October 200612/10/2006

Evolution of Pre- and Post-Trade Data after MiFIDPresentation by Burçak Inel, Head of Regulatory Affairs at the conference on 'Strategic Implications of MiFID For Market Infrastructure' - London, 26 September 2006 26/09/2006

How Does Europe’s New MiFID Regime Affect Derivatives Markets?Presentation by Ludovic Aigrot Chair, MiFID Task Force, Federation of European Securities ExchangesBürgenstock, 6 September 200606/09/2006

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MiFID Conference 2006 - London Stock ExchangePresentation by Burçak Inel, Head of Regulatory Affairs, How will MiFID impact exchanges and how will it change the way they do business?, 8 May 2006, London 08/05/2006

9th Annual Conference of the Association of Futures MarketsPresentation by Burçak Inel, Head of Regulatory Affairs “Roundtable 2: Legal and Regulatory Issues” 6th April, Istanbul06/04/2006

“The Benefits of MiFID” Pan-European BriefingPresentation by Ludovic Aigrot, Chair of the MiFID Task Force, “The Benefits of MiFID” Pan-European Briefing and Debate, 29th March, Edinburgh29/03/2006