21/12/2006Response to CESR’S Consultation on Publication and Consolidation Of Data CESR/06-551

07/11/2006European Code of Conduct for Clearing and Settlement

31/10/2006Response to CESR’s Call for Evidence on the Evaluation of the Supervisory Functioning of the Market Abuse Regime

18/10/2006Input to the Inter-Institutional Monitoring Group (IIMG) on the occasion of the 13 October 2006 Hearing

21/09/2006Response to the European Commission's Call for Evidence on the Extension of Transparency Requirements

09/09/2006Response to the Public Consultation CESR’s Work Programme on MiFID Level 3 Work Ref: CESR/06-413

08/08/2006Response to the CFTC's Request for Comment: “What Constitutes a Board of Trade Located Outside the United States”

14/06/2006Response to the European Commission’s Public Consultation on the Future of the Internal Market

02/06/2006Response to the IOSCO Consultation Report on “Regulatory Issues Arising From Exchange Evolution”

16/05/2006Response to the Commission's Consultation on the New Company Law & Corporate Governance Action Plan

16/05/2006Response on IASB Financing - Considerations related to a compaines' fee based options

25/04/2006Response to CESR's Call for Evidence on Market Data Consolidation

31/03/2006Response to CESR's Consultation Paper on Possible Implementing Measures concerning the Transparency Directive

30/01/2006Response to the Inter-institutional Monitoring Group Questionnaire for Industry

30/01/2006Response to FSAP Evaluation Part I: Process and implementation